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Self-portrait of Wm. Alan Slone, founder of SmartRabbit Consulting PLLC.

Wm. Alan Slone is a practicing attorney and entrepreneur based in Nashville, TN. Mr. Slone holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Middle Tennessee State University, as well as the degrees of Juris Doctorate and LL.M (Intellectual Property) from the University of New Hampshire School of Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center). 

Mr. Slone founded the firm of Slone & Vrablik PLLC with his longtime friend Ronald Vrablik in 2010, when he and Mr. Vrablik were fresh out of law school and the country was suffering the lingering effects of the 2008 Great Recession. With their friendly, personal service and authentic approach to advising their clients, Mr. Slone & Mr. Vrablik successfully developed a roster of over 500 individual and business clients, primarily in the areas of criminal defense, divorce, child custody, probate, business operations, and commercial litigation. 

In 2019, Mr. Slone became Director of Operations for a boutique construction services firm based in Nashville, TN. During his time there Mr. Slone assisted company owners in streamlining back-office operations and lowering overhead costs, while also increasing gross revenues by 2.5x – over $2M in total at his departure.

Mr. Slone is passionate about interpersonal relationships and building businesses that delight their customers with innovative products and/or high-touch and authentic services. While many people dislike the tough work of running down operational issues or teasing out why profits are down, Mr. Slone relishes helping business owners take their company where they want it to go, from increasing market share to preparing an established business for sale on the open market.

After taking a short sabbatical to write a book during the second half of 2021, Mr. Slone has launched SmartRabbit Consulting to provide business & legal consulting to small and medium sized businesses in the Metro Nashville area. Mr. Slone currently lives with his family in the White’s Creek area of Nashville, and enjoys traveling, concerts and political advocacy in his free time.


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