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BE smart like a rabbit

Hunted by many and kept safe by only their wits, a rabbit is an excellent metaphor for today’s entrepreneur. 

The landscape for starting or running a business in today’s fast-paced environments is wrought with pitfalls. Everywhere you look, there’s danger – from active competitors wanting to take your marketshare to operational snares and traps, the potential for failure exists on all sides. 

For those who are able to recognize the dangers and plan ahead, though, safe paths can be found – not only to survive, but to thrive and grow. We’re experienced in helping business clients find these paths – going through a thorny legal dispute, jumping over a regulatory hurdle, or even digging into operations and profitability issues. 

No matter what stands in your way, SmartRabbit Consulting can help your company figure out its next right move. 


We offer a wide range of business & legal consulting services. In our fifteen years of working in the Metro Nashville area, we’ve seen almost everything – in most cases, more than once. Here are some specific areas we can lend a hand with:

Startup & REgulatory compliance

Got a great idea but no idea how to get started? We can help you set up a business entity, register you with the proper taxation and licensing authorities, and make sure you stay in compliance as you move your dream from idea to reality.

LEgal Services & Representation

We’re licensed to practice law in the states of TN and KY, with serious experience in many business legal matters. From routine transactions to complex litigation, we can help with almost any legal need your business might have. 

Operation analysis & diagnosis

Even an established and profitable business can have persistent issues. Our experiences with small business operations – both as owners and as employees – has given us a unique perspective when helping you determine what isn’t working right with your current setup.


Ready to take your business to the next level? We’ve helped many small businesses grow through mergers and acquisitions or developing new products & services. Let us help you brainstorm that next great idea, or just refine the ideas you might already have.

We’re different on purpose.

Anyone can make the claims we’re making, but few really possess the skill and determination to meet a client’s business & legal consulting needs the way we do – with a mix of professionalism and familiarity that helps put our clients at ease while still knowing everything is in good hands. 

We’re a “high-touch” company – we want to hear from you, and talk to you, as much (or as little) as you’d like. We return phone calls and emails the same day we receive them, as a matter of policy. We don’t bill for every single minute we spend with you. In short, we try to treat each client like they’re a trusted friend we want to help succeed – because in the end, your success is our success, too.



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